_DSC9533About Us

As a working mother I often found myself preoccupied with wondering where the kids were or wondering if they had been picked up etc. Todays’ technology means that it doesn’t have to be that way.

I decided I wanted to be able to provide a product to people that was both affordable and critically gives peace of mind.

I have sourced products that will give you peace of mind 24/7 and most importantly, let you communicate with your children or elderly parents .
The watches provide two way communication so your kids can call you if they need you, and you can call them and most importantly see from the app downloaded on your phone where they are.

I aim to supply products that will suit all situations so if you don’t see it here I may be able to source something that will suit your needs. I aim to be the go to person for all things GPS for families so feel free to call me

The Sentinel Watches Mission


We believe that everybody has the right to feel safe and secure.
Sentinel Watches is a New Zealand owned company with pure customer focus. We pride ourselves on providing quality, reliable GPS devices servicing children, disabled, elderly, lone workers and family violence victims.
We even have an awesome Dog tracking device to help pet owners keep tabs on their wandering best buddies.



Why Choose Sentinel Watches?Why Choose Sentinel Watches?
Sentinel Watches offers quality, easy to use products that can help you keep your children, pets and elderly connected wherever they are. Our GPS devices features a downloadable app that you install on your PC or smart device as well as comprehensive back-up software and SIM card enabling already loaded making them the easiest to use and set up devices in the industry. Always stay in touch with a GPS device from Sentinel Watches.